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translation services vancouver imageDo you think that Japanese translation is just a matter of using the correct dictionary?

It is much more than that!

The Japanese market is large. Target this diversified market by culturally adapting your documents to the Japanese culture. Our team of Japanese translators will make sure that any of your documents will be adequately translated to fit the specific Japanese context.  

About the Japanese Translator Team

We are a Vancouver based native Japanese translation service team that provides quality foreign language translation. Our team of qualified Japanese translators not only masters the Japanese language perfectly, it also utilizes its cultural expertise to put the Japanese translations into the specific cultural context. We specialize in Japanese translations of websites, technical documents, legal contracts, manuals, email correspondence and marketing. We work for various industries, e.g. manufacturing and engineering companies, law firms, media and graphic design companies, marketing and PR agencies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, retail, fashion, art and music studios. We, of course, offer general business and personal Japanese translation services as well.

Translation Tomoko is a division of LingoStar Language Services Inc., a Vancouver based translation company providing translation services in all European and Asian languages, e.g. French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, Hindi and many more.

LIngoStar has launched another division focussing on the Toronto, Ontario Canada language services market. The site is located at '

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